Where to sell gold for the best price in NYC

get cash for gold in nyc by selling gold at the best price If you are searching google for “where to sell gold in NYC“? There are many gold buyers here, the majority of gold buyers in NYC are located in the diamond district. There was a recent study by the NYC department of consumer affairs who did a test of selling a piece of gold to 3 different locations. The price was values at $590 and the three prices that they got paid ranged from $175-$450 view the article here. While it isn’t illegal to make offers that low, it certainly in our eyes is immoral. If they walked into our Diamond District location selling that gold, they would have been paid over $500 we pay the highest cash for gold because we refine our own gold and cut out the middleman. Most gold buyers don’t have their own gold refinery and have to sell it to a refiner that takes a cut. We do not and that is why we are the best place to sell gold in the NYC area.

Tips for Selling Gold in NYC

  • Always sell gold to licensed second hand dealers. They must be licensed.  Check if the gold buyer buying your gold is licensed by calling 311 or visiting nyc.gov/consumers.
  • Shop around.  Get a few different quotes, this will insure the best value and knowledge is power.
  • The gold buyer has to weigh and tell you the weight and price in troy ounces. If they don’t (RUN AWAY)
  • Know the current price of gold before you go.  The value of gold fluctuates daily. Gold buyers have to tell you the price and offer market rate.
  • Request that your gold is separated and weighed by the carat, and not grouped together.
  • Make sure the gold buyer has a DCA seal on the scale.  Scales are inspected by DCA to prevent manipulation.
  • Bring your ID.  Gold buyers by law are required to check ID and make a copy to prevent from buying stolen gold.
  • A gold buyer has to hold your gold for 15 days before they sell it.
  • Be aware of “cash for gold” parties.  These parties prey on people and are the worst way to sell your gold.
  • File a complaint ASAP if you feel the gold buyer took advantage of you.  Call 311 or visit nyc.gov/consumers to file a complaint.

Follow these tips and suggestion from Big Apple Buyers and you will be on your way for getting the most cash for your gold guaranteed. We want to help people sell their gold and get the most out of it. We feel it is our duty that everyone gets a fair price when selling gold. We also buy watches, designer gold, Cartier, Rolex, Patek, Hublot, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels and a lot more. We buy diamonds like diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds, rare and exotic diamonds as well.

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