Sell Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels Designer Jewelry

sell designer jewelry in nyc for the best price guaranteed We specialize in buying high end designer jewelry. High end pieces by famous jewelry designers can be worth a significant amount higher then scrap value of gold. We specialize in buying and appraising the best value for these pieces of jewelry. The prices appreciate over time and you can be literally sitting on a gold mine.

The process for selling your designer jewelry is very simple, call us to set up an appointment or book one through our site on the right side and bring the pieces(s) into our office. We are located at 62 West 47th st #201 New york, NY 10036 on the 2nd floor in the diamond district in New York City. We are open 5 days a week and sometimes even make house calls  or will meet at your place.

We simply pay the best price for all pieces of designer jewelry and want to give you money for high end top designer and brand name jewelry. We have built an excellent reputation and have been in the jewelry business for a long time, we also buy high end watches and diamonds so if you have anything you want to sell or are in need of money, please give us a call and lets make a deal, we promise it will be worth your while and make you happy.

The process for selling your designer jewelry is very simple , you simply come into our office (Don’t forget an id) and you will be seen right away by our certified appraiser who will examine your piece, and determine its value and make you an offer. There is no pressure, and you will get the fairest price for your jewelry guaranteed. You simple accept or decline and when you accept to sell your jewelry you will be given cash or check and we will take a copy of your ID and you can be on your way. You can literally sell your items in less than 20-30 minutes.

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